Polyrakis Giannis

Christina Kantounataki, Loutro
April 17, 2022

“The path of the postman that we also followed passed through Hora Sfakion over the carriage road that goes up to Anopolis. It was a helical path, you can still see it, I have crossed this path many times. It continued, reaching as far as the first ravine of Iligas. The gorge of Illigas begins at high altitude on the White Mountains, and another one comes perpendicular to it, on the slopes of which we walked to go to Anopolis. In the cistern, this is the name of the place because there is a small cistern with rain water, there was a bucket next to it and a rope. It was communal this cistern, not private. Anyone passing by, conductor or pedestrian or postman, could draw water using the bucket to drink. The poor child was passing by, his mother had sent him to shop, and he put the rope from what appeared afterwards, but the water level had dropped and he bent down more than he should, his shoulders came in, he was dragged and fell in.”
Polyrakis Giannis Agios Ioannis